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I have a very simple but
lofty goal with this book

To ensure All Indians get Affordable, Efficient and Quality healthcare
through the effective use of technology and digital health

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Result Oriented

As a Transformational Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Master Trainer; I am passionate about making a difference. My approach to any intervention is outcome-focused results. I push the limits of my coachees to have BHAG* objectives and scale up 10X. My greatest happiness stems from making people’s lives easier, happier, and more meaningful through systems driven approach.

  • Replicate the Secret Success Principles used by successful entrepreneurs to scale
    your business by minimum 10x
  • Leverage the art of Project Management trends and tools for Execution Excellence.
  • Create a comprehensive culture of performance.

Certifications, Awards & Gallery


ACC- International Coach Federation Certificate 2018


Certified Situational Leadership Trainer

Train The Trainer 2018 Certification by T. Harv Ekar and Blair Singer

Train The Trainer 2018 Certification by T. Harv Ekar and Blair Singer

Marshall Goldsmith

Marshal Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching - Certificate as a Coach

The Ken Blanchard

Train The Trainers In Situational Leadership Certificate

Best Sales Development Programme

Best Training And Development Team Of The Year Employee Engagement Leadership Awards

Best Training And Development Team Of The Year Employee Engagement Leadership Awards

Certificate Of Appriciation Connect Health India 2018

Digipharma X Learning Technology For Use Of Mobile Application

Digipharmax Digitaly Visible Company Of The Year

Digipharmax Learning Technology For L&D Award

Digipharmax Learning Technology For L&D Award

Digipharmax Rising Digital Star Of The Year

Tiss Leapvault Blended Learning Programme

Tiss Leapvault Clo Awards 2018 Best Induction Training Programme

Tiss Leapvault Clo Awards 2018 Mobile Learning Programme

Golden Peacock National Training Award 2018 Trophy Dubai

Golden Peacock National Training Award 2018 Trophy Dubai

Golden Peacock National Training Award Certificate

CLO Awards 2018 by TISS

Best Coaching Mentoring Progamme TISS Leapvault

Best Training Leader Of The Year 2018 Employee Engagement Leadership

Chief Learning Officer Of The Year 2018 By TISS India

Idx Omni Experience Innovation Award 2018 For Lms

IDX Omni Experience Innovation Award 2018 For LMS

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare India Tech Conclave

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare India Tech Conclave

Creating A Culture Of Innovation Hr Conclave Bandhan Chetna College Mumbai India

Creating A Culture Of Innovation Hr Conclave Bandhan Chetna College Mumbai India

Learning Management Systems At Training Conclave India

Learning Management Systems At Training Conclave India

Multichannel Marketing At Kualalampur Malaysia

Multichannel Marketing At Kualalampur Malaysia

People Not Tech Is Differentiator In Digital World Ubs Forums India

People Not Tech Is Differentiator In Digital World Ubs Forums India

jag mohan book are you digital dinosour

Programs Programs

  1. 1 Billionaire Blueprint – B2: A 6 step Blueprint for success to become a billionaire
  2. 2 Uncover the Entrepreneur in YOU: Are you operating as an employee or as an entrepreneur? Ignite the entrepreneur in you with help of 5 master mantras.
  3. 3 Executive Coaching: 3 A’s of results driven; outcome based coaching of senior executives.
  4. 4 Senior Leadership: Digital transformation – Digital unlocked – Dynamic Decision Making – using the left and right brain to arrive at optimal business decisions with advanced business analytics.
  5. 5 Marketing Excellence & Execution Blueprint: Ensuring execution excellence of sales and marketing through in depth tracking and visual dashboards.
  6. 6 Strategy & Business Excellence: Have you tested your own strategy and Business Excellence with 4 quadrants visioning model?
  7. 7 Learning Management Systems: Integrating classroom to digital and ensuring multiple learning touch points through technology platforms
  8. 8 ACE Sales Champion: Learn the 9 traits of ACE Sales Champion to master any field

Testimonials Testimonials

There are few individuals with whom you never have regular discussions, yet they leave long lasting impressions on your mind in couple of interactions. They always give you the comfort, trust and confidence of a superior. That is the way I remember Mr Rishi.

Although, we were working in different teams, I always looked upon Mr. Rishi as an “Expert Training Enthusiast” who also had experience of working at varied positions in sales and marketing functions in leading pharmaceutical organizations especially MNCs. Since then, Mr. Rishi is my guiding principle, who had helped me personally, in building my career growth path. I will always trust this “Born Trainer” not only for his professional excellence but also for his knowledge, experience and wisdom as a good human being.

Ajay (Govind) Dhuri - Senior Manager - Marketing at Pfizer Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Jagmohan & I worked closely during Training programmes, Manager programmes & Cycle Meetings. He added a different dimension to his role by adopting new techniques in training & in interacting with people. He has an uncanny way of addressing issues by giving simple, easy-to-follow & easy-to-understand solutions. He gelled pretty quickly with his colleagues & became an integral part of the team. He is very clear in his thinking & is a thorough professional. We also had a good time discussing matters of common interest. I am sure he will do well for himself & my best wishes are with him, always!

Dr. Qayum Mukaddam Head- Medical Affairs Clinical Research (MACR) at Tech Observer (India) Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai Area, India

" Work is Worship" believing in these words, he makes things around him change in a positive way. Rishi will give his hundred percent in whatever he does may it be in lectures of NLP, work or family. Highly energetic with an aura of "All is well" ,Rishi inspires people he meets and makes them believe that they can reach hieghts with determination and persistance. I as a student of NLP have seen this happen in our class during Rishi's turn to bring out people's confidence and multiply it.All the best Rishi.

Darshana Dave, MSc, MBA Innovation & Entrepreneurship Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Working with Rishi, has been lot of fun & learning. Rishi is a bundle of energy and has lot of innovative ways of engaging the participants to drive home his point. Has lot of potential & capabilities to embark on the unconventional methods of training & development.

Rajesh Jha Head Sales & Marketing (Pharma) at Bausch + Lomb Mumbai Area, India

I found Jagmohan to be a very passionate trainer. He is very hard working and full of energy. he is good not only at Training but also in driving the learnings by ensuring a strong follow up. It is always a pleasure to work with Jagmohan

Sudhir Vinayak Promoter Director at Pharma Placements Inc Mumbai Area, India

Rishi comes across as an extremely positive individual along with being a consummate team player. He revitalized the L & D portfolio on joining the organization and was instrumental in bringing in new concepts, better understanding and leadership amongst colleagues at all levels. He has the knack of bringing out the best in all his colleagues while interacting with them

Nitin Patwardhan Business Head at Roche Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd Mumbai Area, India

I have an opportunity to work together with jagmohan. he is an excellent resource when it comes to sales force training, digital marketing initiatives. he is very passionate about what he work does. he is very good in managing internal and external stakeholders. he is always enthusiastic and eager to explore new things

Dr. Hanmant Barkate Vice President & Head .. .Medical services (India, MEA)....Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Rishi is a Dyed-in-the-Wool training professional who understands Pharma and healthcare domain very well. I am yet to see another professional who has such an in-depth understanding of training in Pharma Industry as Rishi. He provided leadership to restructure the Sales Training function of Wockhardt and transformed it. He was a competent professional and a good person to work with

Kartik Swaminathan A leader who focuses on People, Processes and Technology to create sustainable competitive advantage India

I had an opportunity to work with Mr Jagmohan Rishi for about two years and more extensively during several core programs like Wockhardt Champion and also during program where we wanted to groom our Zonal heads across the divisions. Mr Rishi is an accomplished L&D and HR subject matter expert and has an exceptionally high proficiency in thinking & articulating how Learning and Development can be a strategic partner in driving HR policies forward the business. He is also an expert in creating and implementing policies and programs to then drive the change and development. In the two years that we worked together, Mr Rishi set the pace and relentlessly drove execution.

Ajay Odedra - Head Sales, India

Stalwart of Learning and Development, Master of Digital Strategy, Leader with Relentless Energy, Infectious Passion and Greatly Humble.....
That's Mr Jagmohan Singh Rishi
I have pleasure of working with Rishi sir for close to five year now, he has spearheaded company's transformation to a multiple award winning company in L&D. One core function he leads is digital strategy, we have grown tremendously in this space and impact on productivity is now significant because of his continuous and determined efforts
True multitasker and a great coach, will keep learning from you sir

Prashant V. Sales and Marketing Expert|Pharmaceuticals| Building Successful Brands & Teams | Nephrology| Dermatology| Cardiac| Diabetes Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Mr Jagmohan Rishi is a truly exceptional, visionary and inspiring leader. His respect to the salesperson is fascinating, Mr Jagmohan Rishi is somebody you automatically tend to like and respect from the very beginning. A genuinely nice and learned human being, Jagmohan Rishi is someone I greatly respect and greatly admire both as a person and as a professional.

P.Neela Pradeep SANe Force- Providing solutions to Pharmaceuticals company since 2002 Chennai Area, India

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